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Virtually every couple uses a wedding website or “wedsite” these days. It’s a great place to put all the information that wouldn’t fit on the invitation. Some choose to collect their RVSPs via their wedsite too. These personal sites are also perfect for the sensitive information that doesn’t go on the invitation such as whether children are permitted and what the dress code is for each event. As you start to look, you’ll find that there are a crazy amount of options out there. It can get really overwhelming to choose one. Here are some fabulous wedsites for every budget.

Free Templates

These free sites offer lots of style options, but not a ton of customization. I see them as kind of like the Evite of wedding wedsites. They have set pages that you may be able to add a photo and change your text, but not much else. But for most people, these sites are going to offer pretty much everything they’ll need.


Wedding Paper Divas

wedding paper divas logo

Price: Free
If you’ve spent any time online looking for wedding related items, you’ve probably recognize this name. Along with all their fun paper items like save the dates and invitations, they also offer free wedsites. Fun note? They match their invitations! They have 40 designs to choose from and your wedsite is free for 1 year. You can switch designs any time. Your wedsite will be whatever you choose followed by “”

wedding paper divas sample

mywedding logo

Price: Free

This site offers over 600 designs to choose from. Since it can be difficult to search through that many templates, they break them into styles such as traditional, modern, eco, retro, etc.  Some of their designs actually come from Wedding Paper Divas too.


mywedding example


Free Plus Templates

These sites offer a free option with limited features and then a paid upgrade to add more functionality.


Wedding Window

wedding window logo
Price: Free to $79/yr
This site offers free wedsites similar to the ones listed above. They have basic functionality and little customization options. Their premium sites go for about $79 per year and offer tons of customization, lots of photo options and the ability to use 3rd party apps. Other premium options include custom domains, keepsake downloads, extra storage space, and hidden copyright.  Pricing is clearly listed on their site for these upgrades. When I checked last they had about 23 free template styles to choose from and 39 premium designs. 


wedding window sample

Wedding Jojo

wedding jojo logo
Price: Free to $179.88/yr ($14.99/mo)
With only 13 design templates to choose from, it seems limited. However, when you actually take a look, you’ll realize that they are 13 super cute and stylish options. The free “taster” package they offer has limited template designs, limited file and photo storage, and no color or privacy options. The “full slice” package is $14.99/month with unlimited photo storage, free custom domain, customizable and your own blog.


wedding jojo sample


Paid Templates

These sites charge a fee to use. Some bill monthly, others an annual fee or one-time charge. Make sure to add up your total costs before making a selection to make sure it works for your budget.


Mod Wedding

mod wedding logo

Price: $59.40 – $65/yr ($4.95/mo)
>Offer 16 themes with the ability to customize colors (they claim there are over 100 theme and color combos). Their features are a bit more robust and they have lots of things you can manage with your wedsite. Their platinum package is $4.95 per month or diamond package for $65 per year.


mod wedding sample


wedsite logo

Price: $49/yr ($19/mo)
This website offers full screen designs in a variety of colors and backgrounds. The page looks like an album or book. As your guests click, it turns the pages of your “book” to reveal information about your wedding. With unlimited photos, customizable pages, a wedding countdown, music, and the option for a personal domain ($19/yr), this site has a lot to offer.

wedsite sample


Appy Couple (Top recommendation!)

appycouple logo

Price: $35 one time payment
This service is extremely mobile friendly. For every one of their 400 design templates, you get to see what it will look like on your wedsite and on a phone. They have a mobile app that you and your guests can download on iTunes and Android. Guests can upload photos right from the app to your wedsite (you still get final approval)! All edits automatically updated to both your app and your wedsite. One little thing I noticed is that you can choose to have your wedsite be a single long page or multi-page with headers. Love that feature! Also, I like the one-time payment so you don’t have to worry about monthly fees or having a site for over 1 year. The site is very intuitive and fun to use.



Riley & Grey

Riley & Grey logo

Price: $240/yr ($35/mo)
Riley Grey touts themselves as “luxury wedding websites” and at $240 per year, is definitely at the top of the price comparisons. Their designs are beautiful, but somewhat limited. You are able to change your designs at any time they do have video capability. They provide a custom domain or you can use your own.

Riley & Grey

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Happy Planning!


Updated as of January 2015. All images and screen shots taken directly from the prospective websites listed above.