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I’ve always adored event planning. There is something so gratifying about coordinating a party and having everything come together beautifully. When guests walk out the door at the end of an event raving about the wedding, holiday party, or company picnic, I’m elated. This is the reason I’ve devoted over 15 years to helping create stunning events. I’ve done trade shows, annual conferences, anniversary parties, huge corporate events, fundraisers, and weddings…literally hundreds of weddings over the years.

A wedding is still a wedding be it 10 people celebrating at a restaurant after a courthouse union or an elaborate, multi-day, destination event for 300 guests. It’s still two people joining in matrimony, surrounded by family and friends, eating and drinking. There is almost always music, tears and laughter. There’s often a dress, flowers and candles. There is even sometimes a doughnut machine, cigar roller and grand entrance from an actual helicopter. These are the details I’ve relished planning, coordinating and executing.

I gained incredible experience working in event sales & catering for a beachfront resort in Santa Barbara, California. Acquiring superb customer service skills and knowing the inner workings of the hotel industry, banquets, and catering served invaluable in my professional career in event planning, human resources, and entrepreneurship. This led me to a highly sought-after wedding planner, Jill La Fleur. After she served as my day-of coordinator for my own wedding (way back in 2001!), I joined her team at La Fleur Weddings & Events. Jill is incredibly talented. She has impeccable taste, a highly creative design sense, and a flourishing business.

Over the years, I’ve learned that first-time brides are overjoyed, excited, and anxious. They have the same questions and stress about the same issues, regardless of budget. I created On the Bride’s Side to help brides with all those stressful things a planner would typically assist with. Things like a comprehensive budget, amazing planning tools, tons of tips and insider money-saving tricks, and live question & answer sessions. I am so excited to share On The Bride’s Side with you and hope it helps you create the wedding of your dreams.

Dina Clapinski
Founder, On the Bride’s Side

Headshot Photo by Jonas Dalidd, Makeup by Marie Dalidd
Special thank you to Michele Rae Shipp for granting us permission to use her music in our video. Visit her site at www.micheleshipp.com.