Bridal Tool Box

Bridal Tool Box

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I created the Bridal Tool Box in Excel so it would be extremely convenient for our members to download and use. However, this also meant that it would be very easy for members to illegally give a copy of the file other people. As such, read these terms of use before proceeding:

 Terms of Use

These downloads of the Bridal Tool Box were created by On the Bride’s Side and are for member’s exclusive use and are not transferable. The Bridal Tool Box and its corresponding files may NOT be shared anyone beyond the member and his/her fiance. By downloading the Bridal Tool Box, you acknowledge that you agree to these terms.


To elaborate, it’s fine to let your bridesmaids view your seating chart on your laptop monitor, but not okay to send a copy of the Bridal Tool Box to your best friend who is just got engaged. That goes for your sister-in-law and all your wedding vendors too.  It is my hope that you are loving all the amazing tools and support we offer and will refer your friends to our website.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and for agreeing to these terms.





So now that we got the fine print out of the way, it’s time to get you started! Click on the link below to download the Excel file of the Bridal Tool Box and see compatibility notes at the bottom of this page.*


Download Now


*Bridal Tool Box Compatibility Notes:

If you have an older version of Microsoft Office (older thank 2007) or if you are having any issues opening the download, you may need to download the compatibility pack from Microsoft here:

If you do not have excel on your computer, try opening the download with through Google Spreadsheets. Google does require that you have a Gmail account (it is free and very easy to create one). Please note that some functionality may be lost in Google Spreadsheets (specifically, the Seating Chart Guru will not work). In addition some of the formatting may be off.