5 Reasons To Do a First Look at Your Wedding

The first time a bride and groom see each other is always magical and emotional. Most associate this initial locking of eyes as something that occurs when the bride walks down the aisle. But with this new trend, couples are seeing each other well before the ceremony with a carefully planned “First Look.” A first look (herein referred to as “FS”) or “Reveal” is when the photographer brings the bride and groom to a private location for an intimate meeting before the ceremony. The groom is usually placed in the location with his back turned. Then, the bride enters and taps him on the shoulder or calls to him. The photographer is there to capture the initial reaction on film in an very non-intrusive way. The result is stunning. The FS is gaining in popularity and about 30-40% of my couples are opting to do a FS instead of waiting to see each other at the ceremony. Here are a few reasons why you should consider doing a FS at your wedding.

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