Gorgeous Bridesmaid Dresses for Under $100


Let’s face it. Being a bridesmaid can cost some serious dough. Here’s a little look at what your girls will be doing for you: attending the engagement party, sharing the cost of the bridal shower and buying a shower gift, joining the bachelorette shindig (which likely requires the purchase of many cocktails and pack of penis straws), buying the designated dress, any alterations, shoes, undergarments, and jewelry; getting nails, hair and makeup done; and finally, buying a wedding gift.

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What Every Bride Ought to Know About Having a Friend Officiate the Ceremony

Many of my clients ask me if I think it would be a good idea to have their brother/ dad/ best friend officiate the ceremony. Having a loved one perform the nuptials may make the ceremony feel much more personal and intimate, but can also be a bit awkward. Like anything, being a professional officiant is a skill. They have mastered the art of public speaking.

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