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  • How to Select the Perfect Wedding Date – Should holiday weekends be avoided? How much time should you allow between the ceremony and reception?
  • Which Photography Style to Skip & Why Style Matters – Learn the photography styles and how to avoid major photography expenses after the wedding.
  • The One Mistake Even RICH Brides Make – This is one of the worst mistakes a bride can make and it happens all the time!

Here’s what other DIY brides are saying about the video series:

“This video was super helpful. It really made me think about the little things that can turn into huge problems.” – Alyssa, Ojai, CA

“This video is great. Thank you On The Brides Side!” – Becky, Charleston, SC

“I loved the 7 Mistakes Video series. I am going to try and do everything myself and I was taking notes. It was also nice that you incorporated in the video how to use each of the tools of the website.”

“I really liked the step by step approach used to letting brides know what things they should avoid.” – Jennarose, Chico, CA

“It was all very helpful and enlightening. There were a lot of points that I had come across myself but obviously there were many more points that I hadn’t thought of and am so thankful I saw these!”

“These were issues I’ve been battling with and knew a lot about getting ready for the wedding but there were a lot of hidden gems of knowledge from Dina which I was greatly appreciative. Not everyone knows these things so I found this video very helpful.” –  Logan, Kilauea, HI

“Very helpful information…things that may not come to mind when trying to save a dollar! Thanks Dina xoxo” – Amy, Ojai, CA,

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