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I hope you loved the video series! By now you should know why stress plays such an important role in your wedding planning and how YOU can avoid it.

Here’s a little more on the Bridal Essentials Package and why it has become THE tool for do-it-yourself brides and those planning a wedding without a full-service coordinator.

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Meet Dina Clapinski

dina clapinski headshotDina has spent the last 15 years as an event planning pro. She gained incredible experience working in event sales & catering for a beachfront resort in Santa Barbara, California. Acquiring superb customer service skills and knowing the inner workings of the hotel industry, banquets, and catering served invaluable in her professional career in event planning, human resources, and entrepreneurship. This led her to a highly sought-after wedding planner, Jill La Fleur. After Jill served as Dina’s day-of coordinator for her own wedding (in 2001), Dina joined Jill’s team at La Fleur Weddings & Events.

“I’ve worked with literally hundreds of brides. In this time I discovered a powerful truth: first-time brides are overjoyed, excited, and stressed. Regardless of budget or geographic location, brides have the SAME questions, very similar needs, and virtually identical worries. It was this knowledge that led me to create On the Bride’s Side to help brides with all those stressful things a planner would typically assist with. Things like a comprehensive budget, amazing planning tools, tons of tips and insider money-saving tricks, and live support with a wedding pro. Can’t wait for you to try it!” xo – Dina

Brides who use Dina’s Bridal Essentials Package report a variety of benefits. Use it, and you too may experience:

✔ Less Stress – So you can enjoy this special time with your fiance, family and friends without turning into Bridezilla.
✔ Better Control of the Budget – So you can see exactly where you are spending your money and how to get the most from your dollar.
✔ The Uncanny Ability to Stay Organized – Feeling like you have control over the planning process is critical to organization.
✔ Smarter Negotiating – Get more of what you do want and less of what you don’t. Negotiate like a wedding pro = saving money.


Introducing the Bridal Essentials Package

Here is a full list of tools you’ll find in the Bridal Essentials Package


A comprehensive set of downloadable wedding planning tools. We include virtually every type of tool you’ll need for budgeting, tracking guest responses, seating charts, to-do lists, timelines, bar calculators and more.

Get real support through regular Q&A sessions with an event professional so you can ask all your unique questions about your upcoming wedding.

This is the place to find all our vendor checklists, cheat sheets, recommended resources, and other inside tips and tricks.We include videos on how to use the Bridal Essentials Package and how to plan out your wedding day timeline. We add webinars regularly with a variety of experts from high-end florists to hotel catering managers. Our goal with our webinars is give you the “inside scoop,” providing information you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

We have an exclusive, private group where you can get feedback on your wedding ideas, vent your frustrations, and share with others going through the same thing you are.


The Bridal Tool Box

Budget Spreadsheet (value: $25-$40) – save money, save time and know where every precious penny is going
All brides worry about their budget want to know how best to spend the money. With this tool, we’ve outlined virtually every wedding related expense that you may have and put them in an easy to use format. All the calculations are built in, from budgeting how much you want to spend on your vendors to tracking vendor deposit and payments due.

Planning Checklist (value: $25-$35) – stay organized and on track
One of the things that makes every bride nervous is they are not sure what to do when. It’s tempting to start trying on dresses, when what you really need to be doing is booking your florist. We’ve put together all the to-do items you’ll need to take care of and when you should focus on each tab. All you need to do is enter your wedding date, and the tool will calculate how many days are left until your wedding. Every action item on the checklist will have a due date that is specific to your wedding. We give you helpful information about each project and what to look out for.

As with the budget tool, there are lots of free timelines, but to get something in a digital format, it will cost you about $25-$35. The cool thing here is there is no erasing, no crossing out as you most definitely be doing with a hard copy. It is also custom to your wedding as some brides have a 2 year engagement and others only have 3 months to plan. Did your wedding date suddenly change? With our tool, all you need to do is change the date at the top and it will update all your to-do’s with your new date in mind. Throughout the Planning Timeline you’ll find helpful notes, tips and advice for each item you’ll need to do. This document is fully customizable so you can add your own to-do items as well.

Vendor Contact Book (value: $5-$10)- all your contacts at your fingertips
During your planning process, you’ll probably end up speaking to many prospective vendors. With our vendor contact book, all their info is in one place alongside your budget spreadsheet. It is very easy to fill in and so helpful to have everyone’s info at your fingertips. OTBS Founder, Dina Clapinski notes, “This was a lifesaver for me personally as I used it all the time throughout my 19 month engagement.”

Venue Comparison (value: $5-$10) – NEW
Selecting the right venue for your event can seem daunting. With so many options, it’s hard to make an educated decision on what’s best for your unique party. With this tool, we break out the most important factors you should consider when selecting a location. We take into account cost, services, food & beverage estimate, rentals, location and more. Each factor has a corresponding weight and rating system so you’ll be able to figure out which venue is the unbiased clear winner.

Guest List Tracker (value: $20-$25) – Every guest, every detail, tracked and counted
“The Guest List Tracker is something I wish I would have had when I got married 11 years ago. In the beginning, our guest list kept changing and we struggled to keep our count at a manageable level.” – OTBS Founder, Dina Clapinski

Number of Guests – You can use this tool right away when you get engaged so you should get an idea of what size wedding you’ll be having. As you enter in all the names of your friends and family, the tool begins counting your guests so you can see actual numbers. Having this information up front is critical so you can shop around for appropriate venues for your wedding size.

RSVPs – It is exciting once the RSVPs start arriving in the mail. Many brides end up putting the yes cards in one box and the nos in another. This requires hand counting and it’s easy to miss a guest or child. Plus, as things get close, you want to know exactly what your guest count looks like at any given point, and who is left to respond. With the Guest List Tracker, when you get the RSVP, use the drop down to select the appropriate action – yes attending or not attending. You can also indicate whether the guest is an adult or child. It’s so easy to see where you are at. One look and you’ll know who you need to call for a response.

Meal Selections – Are you doing meal selections? We’ve included a drop down option so that you can select the right meal for each guest such as beef, chicken, or vegetarian. You can also mark kids meals and anyone with special diets such as gluten free or vegan. The tool keeps track of your totals for each type of meal too for your caterer.

Day of Planner – Planners always request a full guest list from our brides with meal selections. With the Guest List Tracker, you’ll have all this info ready to go and you can just send along to your day-of coordinator or catering manager. In addition, you can use this same list for your stationary or calligraphy person who might be doing your escort or place cards. It even has the meal selection in the event that you are indicating the meal choice on the place card for the catering staff.

Rehearsal Dinner – I just added the ability for you to indicate who is coming to your rehearsal dinner and track RSVPs for that event too!

Invite Master (value: $5-$10)
This easy to use, formatted spreadsheet has all the information you’ll need to send to your invitation person or for yourself if you’re going DIY on the invitations. If you are doing Save the Date cards, it helps since you’ll have all this information well in advance of having to send the invitations. Keep track of who you’ve sent Save the Dates and invitations. There is even an area to fill in the gift you received and a box to check once you send your thank you card. The Invite Master is the perfect solution to keeping all names and addresses for your save the dates, invites and thank you cards.

Rental Estimator (value: $10-$15)
If you’ve selected an outdoor venue which will require renting tables and chairs, you’ll find this next tool very helpful. You enter in your estimated guest count and roughly how many guests will be sitting at each table. The Rental Estimator uses this information and estimates how much of each item you’ll need. We’ve included pricing for Southern California area, but you can update the price field based on the rental company you’ll be using.

One of the main reasons we wanted to include this is because rentals are expensive! This tool is very helpful for brides who are trying to decide between an outdoor wedding and one inside a hotel or event center. Getting a clear idea of what you’ll be spending on rentals is the best way to make an educated decision and avoid the shock that generally comes with receiving your first rental quote! We can tell you that very few brides calculate all those little things needed and forget how much it costs to build an outdoor kitchen area for your caterer. Also make sure to include taxes, delivery fees, set up fees, and standby staff charges on your estimate as these are often missed by brides and really add up.

Bar Calculator (value: $5-$10)
Many couples provide their own alcohol for the wedding. We designed the Bar Calculator for a number of reasons. First, we wanted to be able to tell you exactly how much alcohol you’ll be needing based on your headcount. This tool makes it easy as all you need to do is plug in your estimated guest count. Just like the rest of the tools, the Bar Calculator fills in the rest. It tells you how many bottles of beer, wine and champagne you’ll need. This tool also lays out all the liquor you’ll need for a full bar all the way down to how many pounds of ice, how many limes and bar napkins. Pretty cool, right?

The second reason is so that you could stock the bar affordably. Start pricing wine and beer and stock up the minute BevMo or your local liquor store has a sale. Check out warehouse stores too like Costco as they are great options for alcohol and generally allow for easy returns. As you price out alcohol, enter in the brand name you want to buy, the price and where you are buying from. Once this is filled out, you’ll get a very clear picture of how much your bar will cost you and if you can really afford to have a full bar. There are free bar guides online, but most only include a small portion of what we have on our Bar Calculator Tool.

Vendor Call Logs (value $5-thousands!) – NEW
As you book your vendors, you’ll likely have tons of calls, emails and possibly phone texts with them. The nice thing about emails and text messages is you have a record of what was discussed. With phone calls, though, it’s hard to remember all the details if you don’t take good notes. With our Vendor Call Logs, you can quickly make note who you spoke to, the date/time, main discussion points, and follow up items. Throughout your months of wedding planning, it is immensely helpful to have all this information at your fingertips. It is also extremely useful in the event a vendor is not following through, or worse, claims you never discussed something. With this detailed call log, you’ll know the exact date, time, person and have your notes on what was discussed/promised. We hope you’ll never need it, but this type of tool can be invaluable should you ever need to take a vendor to court to get back your money.

Seating Chart Guru (value: $30-$40)
This one is really cool. If you are assigning seating at your wedding you know what a pain this can be. We’ve seen brides had over sheets of hand-written scribble to try to outline where each guest is sitting. Regardless of whether you are only designating tables and letting guests choose their own seat at the table or whether you are assigning the specific seat the guest will sit at, this tool will be so helpful! First, we have a drop down list of every guest at your wedding which is supplied from the Guest List Tracker. From that list you can play around and assign guests to tables. This is often quite a puzzle as brides try to seat their friends together while seating certain family members apart. You will have so much fun with the Seating Chart Guru placing your guests at tables and getting an idea of who sits with whom.

Are you getting excited yet? I know you are going to love the Bridal Tool Box. If you are ready to get started, just click the buy now button!


Live Q&A Sessions

Value: $125 – $250 per session
Perhaps one of the favorite parts of the Bridal Essentials Package is the Live Q&A Session. Once you become part of the On The Bride’s Side family, you will be able to sign up for live webinars with an experienced wedding planner. Our Founder and wedding pro, Dina Clapinski, does many of these sessions herself and we love hearing from our brides! As a member, you’ll be able to register for the Q&A session of your choice. Wedding planners typically charge between $125-$250 per hour for these types of sessions and these are included as a part of the Bridal Essentials Package.


Throughout every area of the Bridal Essentials Package we include insider tips and tricks. These are things and information you may get by hiring a wedding planner. We have no ties with specific vendors and offer unbiased information through every step of the planning process. On the Members Only Page, you’ll find a variety of helpful downloads such as checklists and questions to ask of prospective caterers, florists, venues, photographers and more. These are questions planners always ask vendors on behalf of their clients and now you’ll have all this info at your fingertips. You can print each download and bring it with you to meetings or have it open on your computer or iPad when you make calls. Another popular download is our insider tip guide. Find out exactly what gratuities you should plan on giving each vendor without overpaying or shortchanging vendors who did an awesome job. Again, this is one simple place to go for all your planning needs without having to hire an expensive wedding planner.

Private Group

As a member, you’ll have access to the private On The Bride’s Side Facebook Group. This is a place where our On the Bride’s Side members can go to ask each other questions, get advice, vent and share pictures and experiences. It’s completely private, so feel free to share images of your dress, issues you might be having with your future mother-in-law or the gifts you are considering for your bridal party. None of your family or friends on Facebook will see any of your posts (unless they happen to be OTBS members!). Once you become a member you’ll get an invitation to join. Only members will be granted access to the group.




ONE payment

NO hidden fees or continuous charges

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


100% guaranteed

The secure one time payment of $97 is all you’ll ever pay. There are no hidden costs or continuous charges. I want you to feel 100% confident about your purchase.

That’s why I’m  giving you a full 30 days to try this system for yourself with absolutely no risk. That means if at any time during the first 30 days, this program is not exactly what I’ve promised, or it’s just not for you, for any reason, we’ll provide you for a complete and immediate refund. No hassles and no runaround. That’s how confident I am that with this system you’ll be able to plan the wedding of your dreams without all the unnecessary stress.

Put us to work for you! We’ve made this system so easy, so simple, so fun. We’ve done this over and over again. It’s proven and it works. This program is packed with wedding planning tools previously only known by a small handful of people.


One of the things a wedding planner will do for you is to put together a comprehensive timeline and event schedule for the day of the wedding. This document includes every detail your vendors will need for your big day and is sent out to every vendor involved in your big day. As our bonus to you, you will get an invite to attend our live Wedding Day Timeline webinar.

For every event on your timeline such as vendor arrival times, toasts, your ceremony order, dinner service and dancing, we provide a ton of advice and options on how to best structure the flow of the event. For example, is it better for toasts to be done throughout the meal or only after dinner is served? What about the dances, should they all be done at the same time or can they be broken up? What are the options for the ceremony order? The information provided in this webinar is usually an hour-long conversation that takes place between an planner and a bride and is extremely helpful for everyone involved. This is one where you might even want to invite your sweetie to join you.

These webinars are for members only and we are including an invite to the timeline webinar as a part of our launch special.



Testimonials/Love Letters


Here are a few recent comments from my lovely new members.

I love the budget spreadsheet and the guest list tracker. It is so much easier using the spreadsheets and tracker than writing down who is coming and who is not. It does it for you! It is also great to see how the numbers calculate for the budget and actually see where the money is going. – Jennarose, Chico, CA

The descriptions of how to use all the tools are great. I’m in love with the spreadsheets! They are extremely helpful. Especially the budget sheet and the guest list. I like how I can save everything in one spot and it helps keep me organized. – Alyssa, Ojai, CA

These are all the tools you need! It’s like having a planner without the expense! i tried to “create” similar documents with no success! Thanks Dina for making it so easy to be a DIY Bride!! xoxox – Amy, Ojai, CA

I think the website is wonderful. So many sites give me a sensory overload and so the fact that the site is somewhat relaxed and toned down was a treat! – Logan, Kilauea, HI

As a first time bride the entire website was helpful. Clearing up things you need to worry about and things that aren’t so important, was awesome – Becky, Charleston, SC


Buy Now for a one-time payment of $97 and Save $100 During My Launch Special!

Don’t miss out as this price will only be offered for a limited time during our new website launch.

Frequenly Asked Questions

There are a lot of free wedding planning websites out there. Why should I use On the Bride’s Side?

Great question. In our research we’ve found that while there are many free planning tools, none are as comprehensive or customizable as ours. Most are web based and are extremely limited and simplistic in what they can and cannot do. But, we think the biggest drawback is the overall experience. You see, in order for these sites to make money, they have to sell you something. For some, it’s selling your contact information to local wedding vendors. For others, it’s offering products for you to buy. Regardless, you are probably going to be sold something regularly. With our service, you pay one fee for the entire package and we never share your information with outside vendors.

The other huge benefit is live support you’ll get from a wedding expert. It’s one thing to give a bride free tools, it’s another to teach them how to use each tool and answer any questions about the wedding planning. We offer many of the benefits of hiring a wedding planner, but without the huge price tag.

What makes On the Bride’s Side and the Bridal Essentials Package unique?

Aside from offering amazing planning tools, downloads and a private group, perhaps the best part are the LIVE Q&A Sessions with experienced event professionals. Wedding planners are wonderful, but if you can’t afford $5,000 – $25,000 to hire one, you are going to love having access to a real, unbiased professional at your fingertips

What is your guarantee?

We are confident that you are going to love the Bridal Essentials Package. Our promise to you is that it will help you save money, stay organized and reduce the stress of planning a wedding on your own. However, we realize that not everything is for everyone. If for any reason, you don’t absolutely love our service, we want to know. We offer a full, 30-day, no-questions asked, money back guarantee. We want you to try out our service risk free knowing that if it doesn’t work for you, every penny will be returned to you, with no hassles.

How much does the Bridal Essentials Package cost?

The price of the complete Bridal Essentials Package is offered at a one-time cost of $197. However, during this web special, we’re taking $100 off the price and offering the entire package for a one-time cost of $97. Think how easy it is to spend $97…wouldn’t you rather spend it something that will reduce your stress and help get you organized for one of the most important days of your life?

Will your service work for same-sex marriages?

Yes! Our planning tools use the terms, “bride” and “groom,” but because they are completely customizable, it’s easy to change these terms to your names, Bride #1 and Bride #2 or any other words that makes sense for your relationship.

Buy Now for a one-time payment of $97 and Save $100 During My Launch Special!

Thanks so much for visiting my site and taking the time to learn about the Bridal Essentials Package. Wishing you all the best in your wedding planning. 

Can’t wait to see you on the inside!




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